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Top 5 Safety Tips For Every Newborn Baby Photographer

Being a newborn baby photographer means you spend a lot of time in close proximity with babies who are only a week or maybe two weeks old. This means that you have to be extra careful to ensure that the baby is not harmed in any way. There are some photographers who put babies into risk just to get that perfect images – please be wary of such people and stay away from them. A true professional will not only know how to take the perfect shots but also take extra care to ensure that your baby is safe. Here are 5 safety tips that every newborn baby photographer should keep in mind:

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#1 Getting your Flu Shot is Important

Babies can easily catch infection from those around them hence it is essential that you get your flu shots on time. As a parent, it is important that you ask the photographer whether or not they have got their flu shot before hiring them. Trust me, nursing an ill one week old baby is not fun at all and it can be all the more frightening for a first time parent. So, do all you can to ensure that your health is not compromised and your employees also don’t come in sick for the photo shoot.

#2 Get Your Insurance and License

Before hiring a photographer make sure that the professional is licensed and insured as well. As a parent you would of course not want to put your little precious baby on risk, so know your local laws and get insured and licensed before you start calling yourself a professional photographer.

#3 Maintain Hygiene and Cleanliness

The photographer and their helpers will be touching the baby during the photo shoot so it is critical that proper cleanliness is maintained at all times. It is important to stay clean and maintain good hygiene from head to toe. Stay well groomed – clipped nails, clean feet, tied up hair, etc. Always use a good quality antibacterial soap and wash your hands well before touching the baby.

#4 Have a Clean Image

Parents would obviously not like anyone who uses foul language to handle their babies so keep a check on your social media accounts and your behavior. If you do not have clean social media posts or you are into the habit of cursing for no reason, then chances are the right clients will never come to you and those who do come will not return again. The society is like a mirror and what you give to others will eventually come back to you. Make sure you use good and clean language at all times.

#5 Cleanliness of Props is Paramount

Everything that you use in a newborn photography session must be cleaned and well sanitized before your clients arrive. If the parents see a dirty studio or unclean props then it is obvious that they would not want to bring their baby into such a place.  As a newborn photographer, you will be handling babies that are just a few days or weeks old in the world, therefore you need to be very careful to ensure that no harm is done to them. So clean the studio, props (including blankets and rugs) daily. Use a dye free detergent and treat each baby with extreme caution and care.